Resource and Wetland Protection

Wetland Temporary Access Roads - Minimize Impact Matting by Midwest Access Solutions

Matting is used to cross wetlands, creeks, streams, bogs and even swamps. Minimal impact avoids unnecessary damage to the wetlands area and leaves the eco-system intact.

Threatened Species Protection
Employing strategies to protect endangered species does not only demonstrate good corporate stewardship, it is the law.   We take our commitment to stewardship of resources seriously – it’s our company’s core. Midwest Access Solutions is dedicated to the development of cost-effective solutions that help to minimize environmental impact and protect natural resources.

Wide Range of Minimal Impact Matting Solutions
We offer a wide range of solutions to help our customers maximize results while minimizing impact. Our arsenal of matting products is instrumental in protecting sensitive areas and enabling heavy equipment access with minimal disturbance. Our matting solutions include Access Mats, Composite Mats, Crane Mats, Floating Mats, Outrigger Pads, Transition Mats, Trestle Mats, Rig Mats and new TerraLam CLT  Mats.

Silt fencing - Eco friendly Access Matting by Midwest Access Solutions
When needed, silt fencing and other erosion-protective measures
can be taken to protect the environment.

  • Wetlands, Waterways, Sensitive Habitats for Protected Species, Arcaeological Sites, Highly-Erodable Land
  • Minimize Invasion of Invasive Plant Species
  • Minimize Recovery Times for Disturbed Sites

Elevated Platforms provide stability and prevent erosion.

Elevated Platforms - Eco friendly Wetland Matting by Midwest Access Solutions