Temporary Access Roads

Midwest Access Solutions consults with our customers when determining what “the right tool for the right job” is. We provide the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible temporary access road solutions for your projects. MAS creates complete access and staging plans for worksites, utilizing the best arsenal of products and the “best practice” methods to minimize the overall impact to the land, property and natural environment.

Temporary Road Solutions

Access Mats for Agricultural Field

TerraLam Mats for Accessing Wetland

Midwest Access Solutions - Stable Platform
Nature Preserve Access Mats Keeping Improvement Project on Schedule

A Nature Preserve needed to remove trees and improve its park’s trails. After an extended period of wet weather, they contacted Midwest Access Solutions to see what could be done so they could keep their project on schedule. The Sterling Lumber Access Matting provided a solid and stable temporary road for vehicle and equipment access in order to make nature preserve improvements. The tree service was able to get in and do its job and trail improvements could then proceed.

Minimal Impact to Existing Ground Conditions

Temporary Road for Transmission and Distribution Maintenance Access

Temporary Road for Equipment Stability


Matting reduces soil disturbance, minimizes soil mixing and compaction and prevents erosion and soil reduction. Matting can minimize the impact to agricultural lands as well as landscaping. In most situations recovery is quick and requires minimal restoration resulting in lower costs.

Equipment Extraction - Saved Client $10,000 Per Day Rental Charge

Equipment Extraction from Flooded Farm Field - Midwest Access Solutions

Crane Trapped in Farm Field - Midwest Access Solutions

Crane Trapped in Farm Field - Midwest Access Solutions

A Power Transmission and Distribution Company required an tempoaray access road to move out a crane after several days of rain. The land was well saturated and the ground was already deeply rutted and compressed from other vehicles and equipment. Midwest Access Solutions was hired to build a 5000' temporary road over the saturated ground so that the crane could be driven off the property and as a result, avoid the $10,000 per day rental charge.

The next day, a 14' wide temporary access road was built from the road to the area of the property where the crane was parked. Sterling Lumber's Access Matting minimized additional property disruption, soil compaction and crop loss. The Midwest team was fast, efficient and completed the project in three days!