Recycling and Restoration

Hardwood Levels Remain Low – Midwest Access Solutions as well as Sterling Lumber Are Taking Steps to Minimize Customer Impact.

Recent hardwood shortages have caused higher pricing for lumber. This loss of resource has been especially tough for our customers who have experienced higher prices for matting.

Midwest Access Solutions is Repurposing

MAS offers premier matting services where we rent, install and remove hardwood matting products. Mat rental allow us to repurpose our resources into making mats as opposed to filling up landfills. Repurposing saves you money.

Sterling Lumber Company's Proactive Effort

To minimize or alleviate the impact of the hardwood shortage on customers, Sterling Lumber Company has made a large commitment to sourcing timber, additional equipment and people, while positively managing timber resources and the environment. We keep track of all of our cut timber so we can utilize our resources wisely.

Another Timber Source

In the Chicago area, almost 50 tree cutting services work endlessly removing diseased and dying ash and white oak trees from the community to the point where they have nowhere to put the timber. Sterling Lumber has negotiated to accept timber from the Chicagoland communities and their contracted tree cutting services – repurposing local timber.

Setting Up Local Sawmill Operations

In the Phoenix, IL manufacturing facility, Sterling Lumber Company is installing a Wood Miser 4000 which can saw a truckload of timber per shift. Sterling Lumber intends to supplement its business with 14 additional truckloads of lumber per week.

Sterling Tree Cutting Services

Great news! Sterling has purchased a tree cutting service already operating in the local Chicago area. Trees they cut down will be brought to Sterling’s Phoenix facility where it is manufactured into blocking and dimensional lumber. This new Sterling Tree Cutting Division will also be providing additional services for Midwest Access Solutions, Sterling Lumber’s Mat Rental and Installation Division.

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