Steel Reinforced Outrigger Mats

Heavy Duty Outrigger Pad/Mat

Outrigger Pads Steel Reinforced - Outrigger Mat Laydown and Removal by Midwest Access SolutionsProviding the extra footprint needed to spread the load for a crane’s maximum lifting capacity, Sterling Lumber’s Heavy Duty Outrigger Mats feature a steel plate with countersunk bolts, mounted on top of dense hardwood timbers. The mats are built with safety in mind featuring narrow notches, 1-1/4" exposed lifting bolts (on each end), countersunk nuts and flush-cut long bolts.

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Product Info
  • Width: 36" to 96"
  • Thickness: 8" or 12"
  • Length: 3' to 12'
  • Metal Plate with Countersunk Bolts Flush with Surface
  • 1-1/4" Diameter Lifting Bolts (Both Ends)
  • Dense Hardwood

Sterling Lumber can custom manufacture to any size.

Heavy Duty with Steel Plate

Standard Heavy Duty