C-Channel Outrigger Mats

Sterling Steel C-Channel Reinforced Outrigger Pads

C-Channel Outrigger Mats Installation and Removal by Midwest Access SolutionsSterling’s C-Channel Outrigger Mats are completely boxed in with welded C-Channel steel and bolted together with 1-1/4" diameter timber bolts. Sizes are built to our customers’ specifications and C-Channel Outrigger Mats are designed to outlast and outperform standard timber mats. The addition of C-Channel provides utmost strength and longevity, maximizing the usable square footage of a mat, and greatly increases job site safety. Crane operators can achieve precise placement and enjoy optimum equipment performance, without fear of shifting or tipping, and all without sacrificing space on the job.

Please Note: D-rings are available on sides or ends; please consult with your representative when ordering for which position best fits your needs.


This Outrigger Mat is designed to support the ever-growing capacity of the mobile cranes and designed with SAFETY in mind. With the steel reinforced edges and plate on top, it is the strongest and safest Outrigger Mat in the market. CLICK HERE FOR HIGH-CAPACITY MOBILE CRANE MAT SET UP.

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Welded C-Channel Steel Framed Hardwood Mat available with:

  • Reinforced Steel Top Plates
  • Extra Strong, Forged Carrying Handles
  • Special Color  (Painted to Match Your Application)

C-Channel Reinforced Outrigger Mats Are Made to Order

C-Channel Mats

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