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Interlocking Access Mats are created from:

  • 22 Dense Hardwood Surface Boards that are 2" x 8", cut to exactly 168"
  • 18 Dense Hardwood Center Boards that are 2"x 8", cut to exactly 96"
  • Secured by 162 (3/8"dia.) zinc-coated carriage bolts

Each Access Mat is trimmed, squared and outfitted with 3 Interlocking Boards for a perfect fit every time. Choice of Bolted (Classic) Access Mats, Interlocking Access Mats, Heavy Duty Access Mats or Square Access Mats – see specifications for details.

Access Mats Laydown and Removal by Midwest Access Solutions

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Basic Sizes

Thickness: 4.5"
Width: 8'
Length: 14' or 16'
Stock Sizes: 8' x 14' and 8' x 16'

Optional Configurations

  • Access Mats: 3 alternately-applied layers of hardwood lumber compressed together with zinc-coated carriage bolts
  • Interlocking Access Mats: 3 interlocking fingers allow mats to lock together--no tools required
  • Heavy Duty Access Mats: Solid top and bottom surfaces--no gap between hardwood boards
  • Square Access Mats: All sides of 3-ply mat are flush without any interlocking components
  • Optional Lifting Cables: We install wire rope into the mat.

TerraLam CLT Series Matting offers additional choices in strength, rigidity and shipping costs.

Benefits of Access Mats Versus
8" Crane Mats

  • 30-65% Lighter--Reduced Freight Cost by 30-65%
  • 50% Faster Installation
  • 50% Faster Extraction
  • Larger Square Area, Stronger, as Effective and Durable


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