Access Matting

Installation and Removal

Midwest Access Solutions manages your access matting needs from installation to removal. We rent, install and remove high quality access mats for temporary roads and worksite platforms.


When time and money matter, call MAS, we have access matting solutions for all applications. 24 hour availability and emergency support. Call 855-936-2848 for a quote today!


Top Quality Access Mats by Sterling Lumber:


MAS chose Sterling Lumber Access Mats for their consistent selection of high-grade timber. Sterling’s manufacturing process maximizes the strength, performance and longevity of their access mats. Assuring optimum uniformity and durability. Excellent for platforms or temporary roads.

Access Matting options include bolted access mats and interlocking access mats. Sterling’s bolted access mats use zinc-plated carriage bolts - bolts are countersunk, trimmed flush and square. Call 855-936-2848 for a quote on your project’s mat installation and removal.

Temporary Access Road

Temporary Road - Access Mats Laydown and Removal by Midwest Access Solutions

Work Platform

Work Platform - Access Mats Laydown and Removal by Midwest Access Solutions



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