Sterling's Purchases Mobile Self-contained Mat Washing System

For Midwest Access Solution customers concerned about sensitive environments when renting mats or moving mats from site to site, Sterling Lumber has purchased a mobile, self-contained mat washing system. The new state-of-the-art Mat Washing System includes a wash unit, a filtration container, a power unit and a water truck (if required).

Sterling Access Mat and Timber Mat Self-contained Washing System

The mobile, self-contained Mat Cleaning System can clean 10 mats per hour at 4,000 PSI with 3% chlorine 120-degree water solution.

  • 140 access mats per 8 hour day
  • 200 to 250 timber mats or composite mats per day
  • washes timber mats from 6” to 12” thick
  • washes composite mats from 2” to 14” thick
  • washes mats up to 40’ long
  • washes mats up to 97” wide
  • Water capable of being delivered at up to 160 degrees F

Mat disinfection to kill ALL invasive species is delivered via post washing with a low pressure, high chlorine wetting system.

Better for the Environment
Since the self-contained unit reclaims and filters its own water for reuse, there is no wash water disposal required and water usage is cut by 92%. (Typical manual cleaning with a 6 gallon per minute pressure washer takes 4 minutes to clean each mat – wasting over well over 270 gallons per mat.)

Reduces Risk of Spreading Invasive Biological Species and Harmful Substances
Environmental concern over the spreading of invasive and harmful biological species that may be lodged on the mat’s surface has caused the implementing of expanded regulations across the United States and Canada mandating all matting must be cleaned and sanitized before leaving the last work site in which they were placed. The Sterling Mat Washing System washes with chlorinated water to help decontaminate the matting and stop the spread of noxious weeds or soil disease when moving the mats from site to site. For complete disinfection, a second low pressure, high chlorine wetting system is recommended .

Sterling Access Mats
Mat before machine washing

Sterling Access Mat Cleaned and Disinfected
Mat after machine washing

Midwest Access Solutions will deliver the Sterling's Self-contained Mat Washing System to it's customers for onsite use and can assist in staging and moving the mats from site to site.

Sterling Access Matting Cleaned and Disinfected

To watch the Mat Washing System in Action, click here.