Midwest Access Solutions Installs Mats in New Georgia Dome

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia

Ten 12”x48”x40’ Sterling hardwood crane mats, ninety 12”x48”x20’ Sterling hardwood crane mats and ten 12”x48”x30’ Sterling hardwood crane mats were strategically and expeditiously installed by Midwest Access Solutions in order to allow a 1M+ pound crane stable access across a tunnel running beneath the stadium. The setup was created for Berkel & Company Contractors, who are playing a major role in the construction of the new Georgia Dome, home to the Atlanta Falcons.

Berkel & Company needed a way to disperse the weight of their crane, which weighs in excess of one million pounds. Engineers determined that with Sterling Lumber mats, the weight of the crane would be dispersed to approximately 600 pounds per square foot, which would allow Berkel & Company to safely drive their crane over the tunnel to get it into a position to continue building the northeast corner of the Dome. The 40’ hardwood mats placed on top and perpendicular to the 20’ mats were the only viable option for this job, and proved to be a perfect fit with satisfactory results.

Sterling Crane Mats installed at Georgia Dome

The 1.5 billion dollar Georgia Dome renovation is currently one of the largest construction projects in the country. As a result, Sterling Lumber & Midwest Access Solutions faced many challenges while working in a limited space around other contractors, equipment and heavy traffic. In the end, a combination of great teamwork, experience and excellent decision making made overcoming all obstacles a cakewalk; the install was a success and the customers were highly satisfied!

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