Midwest Access Install Temporary Work Platform for the Illinois River Project

PROJECT:  ILLINOIS RIVERS 345 kV Transmission Line

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Project Requirements - Construction of two new transmission structures was proposed on Ward and Fabius Islands.  With no overland access all equipment, materials and labor had to be transported using a barge.  Both islands were designated as forested wetlands and flood plain, requiring the development and implementation of a strategic environmental construction plan to minimize any harmful impact.

After the clearing of the trees, Midwest Access Solutions installed a large work platform on each island.  Nearly 2,000 Sterling mats were installed in providing construction access for the foundation drill rigs, concrete trucks, heavy-lift cranes, office space and various other pieces of equipment.

 The wetland permit required that all of the temporary matting had to be anchored to ensure nothing could float downstream in the event of rising waters.   Midwest Access Solutions developed a unique system of helical pier anchors and cables that were deployed to accomplish this task.

On four different occasions during project execution, the mat pads were completely submerged by flood waters with strong currents.  The pier anchor-cable system performed exactly as engineered and no mats were lost as a result of the flooding.