Chicago Auto Show 2017 - TerraLam CLT 300 Mats

Chicago Auto Show 2017  Using TerraLam CLT 300 Mats For Dodge Trade Show Event

Sterling Lumber supplied TerraLam CLT 300 mats to Matrax Inc. who was building a show-stopping trade show display featuring Dodge trucks at this years Chicago Auto Show. The TerraLam 300  CLT Mats are twice strong as traditional matting and at just half the weight. The TerraLam 300 CLT Mats were the perfect stadium floor protection solution, as they reflect the ingenuity of design that was evident throughout Dodge’s showcase this year. Because of the quality engineering of these ground protection mats, their team quickly ordered another 88 TerraLam CLT Mats, followed by another 100 for another project