Municipal Construction and Events

Crane Mats - Access Mats - Municipal Construction | Midwest Access Solutions

With minimal capital investment, no storage costs and no freight costs, Midwest Access Solutions can help you minimize property and equipment damage, keep your job progressing in poor weather conditions and allow you to operate safely and in compliance.

Temporary Roads - Access Matting Service - Sport Fields | Midwest Access Solutions

Ideal matting for pedestrian walkways, temporary roadways and parkways, golf course and field maintenance and sports, leisure and festival events to protect underground utilities, landscaping or eco-sensitive areas. Protects soft or sensitive ground from the weight of vehicles and equipment.

Municipal Construction Temporary Roads | Midwest Access Solutions

Event Temporary Parkways | Midwest Access Solutions

Composite Mats - Temporary Roads for Private Use | Midwest Access Solutions

Composite Mats - Temporary Parkways for Private Use | Midwest Access Solutions

Minimize Soil Compaction and Disturbances, Prevent Rutting and Property Damage

  • Minimize Disruption / Help Prevent Property Damage
  • Protect Underground Utilities and Pipelines
  • Prevent Equipment Damage
  • Provide Jobsite Safety Compliance

Municipal and Commercial Construction, Remodeling or Street and Building Repairs

Midwest Access Solutions’ Matting Service will protect landscaping, tree roots and septic systems, as well as underground utilities.


Products for Municipal and Commercial Construction:

Typical Applications: