Mat Washing

Onsite Mat Washing Service

For Midwest Access Solution customers with strict environmental concerns when renting mats or moving mats from site to site, Midwest Access Solutions will set up and operate Sterling Lumber's mobile, self-contained Mat Washing System on your site. The onsite Mat Washing System can clean 10 mats per hour at 4,000 PSI with 3% chlorine 120-degree water solutionWatch Video of Self-contained Mat Washing System in Action.

  • Removes Dust, Soil and Plant material
  • Remove Harmful Substances
  • Reduce the Risk of Spreading Invasive Biological Species (Mat disinfection to kill ALL invasive species is delivered via post washing with a low pressure, high chlorine wetting system.)

Onsite Mat Washing for Dirty Mats with Vegetation Debris by Midwest Access Solutions
Used Mats with Mud, Dirt and Plant Debris

Onsite Mat Washing for Debris on Used Access Matting by Midwest Access Solutions
Prevent Site to Site Contamination with Onsite Mat Washing


Onsite Mat Washing

The operator will run the unit, maintaining safeguards and pressure settings to assure as much water as possible is reclaimed and reused. The Onsite Mobile Mat Washing System can wash mats from 2" to 12" thick, 97 inches wide and up to 40 feet long. When mats are cleaned, Midwest Access Solutions can remove the dirt and mat debris for disposal.

Mat Washing System for Used Access Mats by Midwest Access Solutions
Midwest Access Solution's Onsite Mat Washing Service utilizes Sterling's automated, self-contained Mat Washing System.

Used Mat Washer by Midwest Access Solutions
4000psi Cleaning Jets clean mat with 3% chlorine 120-degree water solution.

Washing with chlorinated water reduces risk of spreading invasive biological species and harmful substances.
Environmental concern over the spreading of invasive and harmful biological species that may be lodged on the mat’s surface has caused the implementing of expanded regulations across the United States and Canada mandating all matting must be cleaned and sanitized before leaving the last work site in which they were placed.

  •     No onsite water disposal required
  •     Reclaims and filters its own water for reuse
  •     Cuts Water Usage by 92%

Used Mat Before Washing Service by Midwest Access Solutions
Used Mat Before Washing

Used Mat After Washing Service by Midwest Access Solutions
Used Mat After Automated System Washing

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