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Mat Rental - Rent Access Mats, Timber Mats, Crane Mats by Midwest Access Solutions

Midwest Access Solutions provides mats manufactured by Sterling Lumber Company. We continually upgrade and refresh our Access, Timber and Crane Mat inventory to ensure your access and site is not compromised by deteriorating matting. In mat rental, it’s all about quality and safety; each mat is cleaned, inspected and repaired when necessary for maximum performance and endurance.

Midwest Access Solutions has the expertise to recommend different matting products for various terrain, while also saving on the quantity of mats needed, helping to keep customers' project costs down.

Using Midwest Access Solutions for mat rental, mat installation and mat removal can save your company millions. See how we can help. Tell us about your project here or call (855) 936-2848 to request a free estimate.

  • RENT SHORT TERM or LONG TERM to Fit the Needs of Your Project
  • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Flat Rates Available
  • Less Capital Tied Up By Not Purchasing
  • No Storage/Extra Personnel Requirements
  • No Extra Personnel
  • No Heavy Equipment Investment
  • No Cleaning Worries
  • No Maintenance Required
  • No End of Life Disposal Concerns

Correct Matting for the Right Application

Midwest Access Solutions spends a significant amount of time consulting with clients on what is “the right tool for the job.” We create complete access plans for your site by utilizing the best arsenal of matting products available.

We rent, deliver and install Access Mats, Crane Mats and Timber Mats.

We source the highest-quality matting products available for your access, platform and temporary road requirements.

  • Sourced from Sterling Lumber
  • Quality Inventory
  • Matting Experts
  • We Rent: Access Mats, Timber Mats, Crane Mats, Swamp Mats, Composite Mats, Transition Mats, Bridge Mats and Steel Plates

Mat Rental for Temporary Access Roads by Midwest Access Solutions

Mat Rental, Delivery and Installation

Mat Rental and Delivery for Temporary Access Roads by Midwest Access Solutions

Access Mats

Temporary Road Access Mat Rental by Midwest Access Solutions

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