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Temporary road made of composite mats and access mats installed by Midwest access solutions.
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Bonnema Construction Uses Matting to Build New Swimming Pool

Bonnema Construction Uses Matting to Build New Swimming Pool
Palos Park, IL 

Project:   Bonnema Construction Company was constructing a new swimming pool for Palos Park that included taking out the old concrete pool and putting in a custom in-ground pool made of bridge mix concrete.   The pool size was 16’ x 39’ and 8.5’ deep.    The construction required ten reinforced walls and 14 stairs that were 4’ deep.   The project required seven semi loads of 3⁄4" rock.

Challenge:   Due to the excessive wet conditions, the ground was extremely soft.   The village requested a culvert to be installed to prevent flooding.   The location of the pool required heavy equipment to crossover sewer, water, telephone, electric and gas utilities.   The required equipment--wrecking ball, crane and trucks--would have totally destroyed the property due to the ground conditions.   (Typically , temporary construction roads are made out of plywood, mulch and more plywood with a cost equal to installing mats.   In almost all cases, this method is a poor solution and property destruction is almost inevitable.   In extreme cases, temporary gravel roads are installed which must be removed after installation and then require extensive landscaping to return the property to an original condition. The average gravel road cost is $5-7K per 100 feet.

Midwest Access Solutions (MAS):   To minimize the property damage during the pool renovation, Bonnema Construction contacted Midwest Access Solutions to see what could be done.

MAS installed a temporary road made of 11 Sterling TerraLam 300 CLT Access Mats and 11 Tufftrak XL Composite Mats.   The mats allowed quick access to the pool site with little or no property damage for a duration of 40 days.   Many villages and communities are now beginning to require culverts and safe and stable access roads to prevent environmental damage.