University of Illinois

University of Illinois Athletic Fields – IKEN Berry Commons

Two artificial athletic fields on the east and west side of the university were having drainage problems.   To aid storm retention drainage, several large, heavy concrete structures were to be installed under the field to increase drainage.   In order to excavate the 300' x 300' x 14' deep area with high ground water elevation and questionable soil stability conditions required installation of several truckloads of Sterling Lumber's 3-Ply CLT Mats.

Challenge:   Because of the questionable ground conditions, a stone base road was laid to access the excavation.   After reviewing the steepness and stability of the excavation road, the crane operator decided not to drive the crane down the unstable stone road and requested a road of mats. An 80-ton crane was needed to go down into the excavation to lift and install the concrete structures.   The problem was presented to Nicholas and Associates on a Friday and Midwest Access Solutions (MAS) was immediately contacted.

Action taken:   MAS immediately responded to the call and had several trucks of mats on site by Tuesday morning.   The Rental Mats provided were Sterling Lumber's Cross Laminated Timber Mats (CLT 3-Ply) which are lighter and stronger than traditional Access Mats and met the project's requirements perfectly.

Results:   The mats arrived on time and were installed by MAS very quickly.   The CLT 3-Ply Mats performed remarkably well providing a safe, stable access road and platform for the operators and 80-ton crane to lift and install the concrete structures.

"Midwest Access Solutions are an excellent all-around company in every manner--responsiveness, courtesy, accommodating and inquisitive. They were in and out, no sweat, no strain; the mats performed great and were inexpensive and easy to move."

- Wallace Stilz
  Construction Manager, Nicholas and Associates