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Our Joliet Facility

Besides being home for our mat installation and removal equipment and site inspection vehicles, our centrally-located facility is where we continually inspect and upgrade our Access, Timber and Crane Mat inventory to ensure your project and site is not compromised by substandard matting products. Midwest Access Solutions has formed an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Sterling Lumber for the use of Sterling's Crane, Access and Timber Mats. Owning and controlling our own inventory  ensures that Midwest Access Solutions delivers high-quality products at the best possible prices.

Midwest Access Solutions has storage facilities in multiple states to accommodate any project in any location.

Plenty of Inventory

Access Mats, Timber Mats, Crane Mats by Midwest Access Solutions

Quality Maintained Products - Recycling is better for the environment

When required our high-grade mats are cleaned, repaired, inspected and put back into inventory for Mat Rental.

Rent Quality Crane Mats by Midwest Access Solutions

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Rent Clean Access Mats by Midwest Access Solutions

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