Matting from Midwest Access Solutions prevents unnecessary damage to the environment and shortens recovery time, enabling protective or sensitive areas to return to their former natural beauty. While access matting solutions offer minimal impact such as Access Roads and Worksite Platforms, general site remediation includes:

  • Site Restoration
  • Excavating, Hauling and Disposal of Soil and Gravel
  • Stream Remediation and Restoration
  • Black Dirt Fill
  • Grass and Hydro Seeding
  • Straw Blankets
  • Sod and Netless Turf
  • Wetland Remediation and Resource Restoration
  • Bio Remediation
  • Minimal Recovery Time

Minimizes Damage

Access matting minimizes damage to the environment. After mats are extracted, the area recovers fairly quickly. Therefore, lower fees are required for compaction and land usage.


Midwest Access Solutions removed these Access Mats after over ten months of service. Upon closer inspection, it is obvious how well the property and environment were protected.

Site Restoration

  • Site Clean-Up
  • Grading

  • Seeding
  • Monitoring